Gold Ancient Half Shekel Coin Necklace for men

  • Half Shekel Ancient Coin Pendant with the words "Holy Jerusalem" in Ancient Hebrew script.
  • 0.78"X0.78"/ 2cmX2cm  
  • Length 17.7"/ 45cm
  • 24K Gold plated pewter & Sterling silver

This necklace is inspired by a coin that was given annually by every Jewish male, as a gift to the Temple.

The coin was in circulation during the Great Revolt.

On one side of the coin, there are three pomegranates and the words "Holy Jerusalem" in Ancient Hebrew script.

On the other side of the coin the words "Half Shekel" are inscribed, along with a chalice with the Hebrew letter "Aleph" above it, marking the first year of the rebellion.

The coin was discovered among archaeological rubble that originated from the Temple Mount and is being sifted at Emek Tzurim,  on the Mount of Olives. 


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