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Our marketplace connects people, communities, and fine Israeli products.

"If you are here you probably care as much as we do about Israel and feel that the consumption of Israeli products connects the international community to Israel. We are presenting a limited sale gift cards that can be used to purchase products on our new website that will be launched in April.

The money we raise will enable us to increase the range of products, recruit employees and reach additional small & medium brands."

Thank you The MIP  Team

MIP was founded a year and a half ago, as an online marketplace, aimed at connecting thousands of products that made mostly by small & medium-sized manufacturers in Israel and consumers around the world. The MIP team is responsible for both the sales and logistics aspects, including, managing inventory and shipping the goods around the world.


The solution we offer our manufacturers is simple:

By utilizing various inventory management methods and making sure our digital marketing experts lead all marketing activity – we provide all products with a centralized, accessible and welcoming display window, completely free of charge.

Manufacturers need to invest a lot of effort and resources in order to reconnect with their customers abroad or expand their clientele around the world. Most traditional, small and medium-sized manufacturers in Israel, find it quite challenging, and usually, do not have the ability to retain their customers and stand out in the global market.

As a manufacturer, going global requires quite a few things: Managing logistics and marketing activities on a global scale; recruiting professional personnel for maintaining such activities; allocating budgets for advertising; managing inventory, storage and shipping, as well as dealing with various challenges, such as taxation and bureaucracy.

Who we are?

MIP was founded by Adam Duzli, an electrical practical engineer and Captain in the Reserves of the Israeli Air Force.

The "My Israeli Products" project, on which Adam has been working on the last year and a half, started as an initiative to help small & medium sized manufacturers export their products to countries around the world. However, it quickly turned into a full-scale internet platform, which its development was completed mid-2017.


Future Plans

  • Providing more variety – adding more products and new product categories, such as fashion, home décor, art etc.

  • Improving Software –  Upgrade to MIP - Version 3.1

  • Increasing warehouse size and further optimizing the distribution chain – significantly decreasing shipment time.

  • Recruiting more workers – shifting from volunteers to full-time workers and expanding our dream team even further.

  • Optimizing system maintenance and website infrastructure.

  • Expanding marketing channels and establishing more partnerships.

  • More surprises just for you!


Join us today - Become a MIP Pioneer!

Together we can expose many small manufacturers for better opportunities! We will build a bridge between local manufacturers and millions of people around the world.

We aim to show that all friends of Israel stand united, regardless of our personal beliefs, or where we were born. We all love Israel and stand together at all times, supporting small and medium-sized business in Israel, by building this platform and providing them windows of opportunity in large-scale markets around the world. 

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